Testen als Beruf - Testing is my Profession
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Customer References

The original customer statements in German have been attested by GULP. (English translation done by myself.)

Project Testfactory, 10/13 - 09/16
Statement by team lead, software organisation, 2.100 employess, as of 01.10.2016

"The consultant has a very extensive und outstanding knowledge that he always used in a reliable and effective manner. He was up to speed in a very short time. He pursued the agreed goals in a highly

successful and sustainable way. He was very reliable. His style of work can be characterized as systematical and carefully planning. Even under a high workload the consultant's work capacity did not deteriorate; he acted with consideration and towards our goals at all times. The results produced by his work were always very impressive. His conduct towards our internal customers, his superiors, his colleages as well as toward our external partners was flawless. I am very confident that he will remain to be highly successful."


Project ePricing 2, 04/11 - 05/12
Statement by head of test competence center, software company, 200 employees, as of 25.07.2012

"[...] The consultant moved proficiently between tasks that required a high level of detail and discussion with technical experts and tasks that mandated a strategic view and involved the presentation of complex topics to our management. His contributions had a very considerable impact on the successful introduction of the system."

Project eHealth Card, 06/08 - 03/10
Statement by head of department (company with 150 employees), as of 12.03.2010

"The consultant participated in testing of a central component of the telematics infrastructure for Germany’s Electronic Health Card. He got into our test automation concept very quickly where he did quite some refactorings of our test scripts, which led to a degree of organisation we are proud of. He introduced many concepts that significantly improved our test process, among them peer reviews, a model for risk based testing, a concept for automatic test script generation from test case specifications. The consultant was well liked and reputed among his colleagues and with his superiors. He proved himself team leader of our test automation team. I’d recommend him for difficult tasks requiring a sound concept as well as a pragmatic approach."

Project data base, 10/04 - 04/06
Statement by CEO of a business consultancy (25 employees), as of 18.04.2006

"[...] The consultant headed a task force whose objective was to define the functional requirements for a database on our client projects. We had him carry on with the documentation of the system specification, the management of the public procurement process, up to the acceptance tests. We are very satisfied with the system which meets all of our requirements. The consultant worked autonomously, assiduously, and precisely. Due to his remarkable analytical capabilities we assigned him additional tasks within our organisation and within IT related customer projects. There he knew to convince our customers by his professional knowledge and his convincing behaviour. Because of his versatility we shall be happy to appoint him to future tasks when his skills are needed."

Project Higher Education Compass (central information system of the German Rectors' Conference), 03/95 - 10/04
Statement by IT manager of the German Rectors' Conference, as of 19.04.2006

"The freelance person was in charge of the project on the contractor side from its start. Through several steps he realised the project with a small team of developers. We’d like to mention his pronounced conceptual abilities, his constructive manner of cooperation not only in technical matters, and his very fine documentation. The freelancer exhibited a very high commitment to the project and was appreciated as a competent and well-liked contact person by internal and external users alike. The freelancer managed to sustain his high performance level from the beginning to the end of the project. We can therefore gladly recommend him without any reservations and wish him well for his future undertakings."

Project Order Management System, 04/92 - 04/94
Statement by authorised representative, Loos Marketing und Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, as of 19.04.2006

"After a detailed organisational analysis the IT consultant defined a concept for our IT strategy. We accepted most of his deliberate suggestions and contracted him on the development of a complete order management system for our company. When finished the system fit like a glove. Until today it works reliably. When the system was in need for adjustments or enhancements we always came back to the consultant willingly. We are very glad that we found such a diligent and loyal partner for our system. After many years we still contact him if we have a problem we cannot solve on our own."